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Major hub for multiple truck companies and distribution operations two amazon facilities to name one. 2047 is when that will get relaesed.

Full Map Of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Trucksim

However it was pretty clear that idaho not utah was the real missing link between the pnw and the.

Ats usa map reddit

. In terms of map expansions for ats. I found in reddit. Ets2 is the best value simply because of promods. This thread is archived.

13 apr 2016 22 57 location. I d get both eventually but get ats first if you live in the us and want a more familiar experience. I prefer ats over ets. This is mostly due to the high quality map that we have in ats.

My idea for the ats map for my homestate when we get to the east coast in a few decades. Ets2 with all the dlc has much bigger map but the older areas most of the original game and early dlc do show their age especially compared with ats and newer et2 dlc. Nyc would be fun but they. Carlisle is the intersection of i81 i76 plus close proximity to i83 and.

This is largely due to the routing being only slightly shorter 93 miles out of nearly 2 000 and the utah route having some more slow spots. And it doesnt work with the rescale yet. I love the atmosphere in the game but there was always one thing in the game i really didn t like. To me it felt like the game seriously lacked in the simulation of automatic transmissions because it didn t listen to throttle input and never tried to drive with fuel economy in mind like shifting into 13th on the highway.

Maybe fun for one drive but that s it. 14 points 2 years ago. Its also in the wrong map. A few months ago i did an experiment on how much time the utah dlc saved on a run from new mexico to washington specifically clovis to port angeles.

However i live in america and i enjoy playing ats more. Continue this thread level 2. The trucks are very different too ets2 trucks have shorter wheelbase smaller turn radius and there are more smaller narrower roads. Slightly updated version based on some feedback.

Also three travel centers truck stops. 1 point 2 years ago. I can drive by my stepdads house if it s going to release like that d. Ats concept map for my home state of pennsylvania.

And i don t want to shift manually since i want a relaxing experience. The only quality ats map mods id go with if they ever update are mexicali or viva mexico they add parts of mexico and the alaska map which is now a part of the mexuscan map it adds ice roads and good quality cities. 01 dec 2016 23 59. 12 points 2 years ago.

Ats map compare to ets2 map picture compare 2 post by wolfedg 14 nov 2017 01 44 except you are missing az and nm. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. As it turns out it didn t save a ton of time particularly in real life. Carlisle would need to be in there.

A whole two minutes. 21 points 2 years ago. Made this a while ago finally got around to polishing it up. The promods map will give you far more miles to drive than ats plus the map quality is much better than some of the older areas in ats.

You guys consider this picture legit in comparison ats ets2 map scale. Ats map compare to ets2 map picture compare 3 post by blackspots 14 nov 2017 04 03 and missing france too. Coast to coast is mostly trash.

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