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Aswan is a city in the south of egypt some 680 km south of cairo just below the aswan dam and lake nasser with a population of 275 000. Aswan is the ancient city of swenett later known as syene which in antiquity was the frontier town of ancient egypt facing the south.

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One of the governorates of southern egypt the city of aswan is about 85 meters above sea level 879 km from cairo and 34608 km from the governorate.

Aswan ancient egypt map

. Welcome to aswan on the northern end of the first cataract marking ancient egypt s southern frontier aswan has always been of great strategic importance. The city was also blessed with a lot of natural resources like sandstones granite and quartzite plus the largest stone quarries of ancient egypt which were used in constructing. Aswān also spelled assuan or assouan greek syene city capital of aswān muḥāfaẓah governorate egypt on the east bank of the nile river just below the first cataract. And start from the bottom near the.

The copts called it souan meaning trade from which the present day aswan is derived. Located on the southern side of egypt where it has long been one of the region s most important cities and also the aswan governorate s capital aswan stands directly north of lake nasser. Relatively close to the sudan border which lies to the south the aswan lies on the easterly banks of the river nile and also comprises the popular tourist destination known as the elephantine island. The ancient ruins are spread in aswan qena esna edfu and tel el amarna.

Its quarries provided the granite used for so many sculptures and obelisks. July 5 2020 july 24 2020 hurghada excursions hurghada tours online ancient egypt ancient egypt facts ancient egyptian temples aswan aswan egypt. Aswan is the ancient city of swen or swenet which in antiquity was the frontier town of egypt facing the south. It faces the island of elephantine modern jazīrat aswān on which stand the ruins of the ancient city of yeb.

Aswan temples ancient egypt facts map things to do in aswan attractions. Aswan city was called swenett and later as syene during ancient times which means the market as the city was a trade center between egypt and the southern lands. Aswān was the southern frontier of pharaonic egypt. Aswan temples discover secrets history abu simbel temple edfu kom ombo philae unfinished obelisk kalabsha map monuments photos ticket and more.

Swenett is supposed to have derived its name from an egyptian goddess with the same name. The delta area is 240 km and its lands are arable and its length from north to south is 160 km. It acted as egypt s front lines to the heart of africa that s why it played a key role in launching various expeditions to many african lands. Aswan is far more relaxed and smaller than cairo and luxor.

For centuries it was the gateway to africa and the lands of nubia. In ancient times it was a garrison town for the military campaigns against nubia. It is the area between upper and lower egypt starting from al ayat in the north to aswan in the south. Many tourist attractions temples museums and islands it is one of the creative cities registered in the unesco list of crafts and arts since 2005.

Temple of kalabsha in aswan egypt temple of mandulis plan facts history ticket price. It is the nile delta in the north of egypt and is called lower egypt where the nile splits into two branches damietta branch and rashid branch in the west.

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