Asthma Nursing Concept Map

01 01 coronary artery disease concept map. 01 02 copd concept map.

Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma Nursing Care

Ineffective breathing pattern related to swelling and spasm of the bronchial tubes in response to allergies drugs stress infection or inhaled irritants clinical manifestations coughing wheezing mucus production.

Asthma nursing concept map

. This preview shows page 1 out of 1 page. Nur 421 concept map project chf medical diagnosis congestive heart failure chf results in musculoskeletal bedridden clients will experience hypotension orthopnea and decreased activity tolerance decreased mobility due to unsteady gait dyspnea and fatigue decreased elasticity of smooth muscles cardiac blood vessels and alveoli sacs peripheral edema feet ankles legs and belly musculoskeletal. School chamberlain college of nursing. Low pulse oximetry 90 blue lips fingers.

Learn more about the goals related factors and rationale for each nursing interventions for asthma. 01 07 congestive heart failure concept map. Ineffective breathing pattern r t hyperventilation secondary to bronchospasm subjective. 01 10 amputation concept map.

In this lesson we will explore a concept map based on a patient with asthma. Create a case and make a ncp using the different steps of the nursing process 2. Module 1 nursing concept maps. Let s review a quick patho on asthma.

Asthma nursing care plan. Ineffective airway clearance r t perfusion imbalance secondary tobrochospasm and accumulation of secretions dyspnea difficulty in. 01 09 breast cancer concept map. Patient will manifest signs of decreased respiratory effort aeb.

Nursing managements the goal of nursing care in a patient s having an asthma attack is to makesure there is adequate oxygen intake 1 evaluate respiratory rate depth and breath sounds2. Pages 1 ratings 100 3 3 out of 3 people found this document helpful. Check pulse oximetry apply oxygen if o2 saturation is less than 90 start at 2 liters nasal cannula 2l nc get subjective data to determine if patient is receiving proper amounts of oxygen. This concept map created with ihmc cmaptools has information related to.

In this lesson we will cover the risk factors and education for our patient with anxiety lab values and medications along with nursing diagnoses interventions and outcomes. 01 08 hypertension htn concept map. 01 03 asthma concept map. Assist client to maintain a comfortable position 3 encourage instruct in deep breathing and directed coughingexercises4 obtain history of recent medication use particularly theophyllinepreparations steroids and inhalers 5 obtain baseline data on respiratory function using a peak flow meter listen.

3 tips to train your teams and clients online. Concept map asthma docx nursing diagnosis ineffective. Absence of dyspnea cough and sputum. Wheezing upon inspiration and expiration acute shortness of breath dyspnea ineffective breathing pattern r t presence of secretions.

Nursing interventions and rationales. 01 05 bowel obstruction concept map. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease that causes airway hyperresponsiveness mucus production and mucosal edema resulting in reversible airflow obstruction. Nursing care plans concept map bronhial asthma 1.

I can t breathe chest pressure. In this guide are eight 8 nanda nursing diagnosis for asthma nursing care plans including their nursing assessment and interventions. Pattern of breathing effective be mark on normal breath sound and o2 saturation normal aeb. Hangak naglisod ko ug ginhawa kutas akong ginhawa as stated by the client.

Course title nr 226. 01 04 pneumonia concept map. 01 06 gastrointestinal gi bleed concept map. I cannot breath as verbalized by the patient.

Impaired gas exchange r t ventilation1. Assessment nursing diagnosis planning interventions rationale evaluatio n subjective data. Allergens air pollutants cold weather physical exertion strong odors.

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Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma

Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma

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Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma Nursing Care

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Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma

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Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma

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Nursing Care Plans Concept Map Bronhial Asthma

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