Aspiratin Pneumonia Concept Map

Pneumonia is the inflammation of lung parenchyma frequently caused by microorganisms. The clinical and radiographic features depend on.

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Some risk factors include drinking copious amounts of alcohol issues with swallowing having a brain injury or stroke dementia gerd and anything else that interferes with your normal airway hadjiliadis d harron 2017.

Aspiratin pneumonia concept map

. If left untreated pneumonia could complicate to hypoxemia respiratory failure pleural effusion empyema lung abscess and bacteremia. Some include chemical induced inflammation of the lungs as a subtype which occurs from acidic but non infectious stomach contents entering the lungs. The simple visual layout makes the information easier to understand and remember. To differentiate the possible causes doctors will look for defining features that characterize the.

Sepsis related to pneumonia nursing diagnosis pathophysiology of sepsis pathophysiology of pneumonia pathophysiology of patient s symptoms pneumonia is an acute inflammation of the lung tissues caused by pathogenic organisms inflammation in the lungs results in. Nursing care plan ncp and. You can also aspirate food or liquid from your stomach that backs up into your esophagus. Aspiration pneumonia is unique in that it can involve aerobic bacteria including those associated with other pneumonia types as well as anaerobic bacteria that naturally reside in the mouth nose and throat but not the lungs.

Chemical pneumonia by contrast is characterized by the absence of infection although the damage to the lungs can sometimes lead to secondary infection. Aspiration may be clinically silent or it may present with dyspnea cough or fever. The main symptoms of pneumonia are coughing sputum production pleuritic chest pain shaking chills rapid shallow breathing fever and shortness of breath. Your risk is highest if you are older than 75 or live in a nursing home or long term care center.

This pneumonia concept map gives a visual overview of the topics related to pneumonia including what it is the symptoms it causes and how it can be treated. Signs and symptoms often include fever and cough of relatively rapid onset. You may become less. Aspiration pneumonia is a type of lung infection that is due to a relatively large amount of material from the stomach or mouth entering the lungs.

Aspiration pneumonia is inflammation of the lungs and airways to the lungs bronchial tubes from breathing in foreign material mccance huether 2010. Aspiration pneumonia 2 one of the most significant risks for people who have issues with swallowing is aspiration pneumonia which is a lung infection that happens when large amounts of food liquids vomit or saliva are inhaled into your lungs mayo clinic 2018. If you are not able to cough up the aspirated material bacteria can grow in your lungs and cause an infection. Aspiration pneumonia is caused by a direct chemical insult due to the entry of a foreign substance solid or liquid into the respiratory tract.

The patient aspirated on his vomit during the hospital stay resulting in this diagnosis. Infection can be due to a variety of bacteria. What increases my risk for aspiration pneumonia. Aspiration pneumonia another type of pneumonia results from vomiting and aspiration of gastric or oropharyngeal contents into the trachea and lungs.

View pneumonia concept map docx from med surgic 324 at chamberlain college of nursing. Risk factors include decreased. Aspiration pneumonia is a lung infection that develops after you aspirate inhale food liquid or vomit into your lungs. Complications may include lung abscess.

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