Asian Minority Populations United States Map

Today asian americans and pacific islanders have become the fastest growing minority group in the united states outpacing hispanic americans. But as asian prominent states such as california continues its shift as blue.

Whites Became The Minority In 109 Counties Between 2000 And 2018

Census bureau estimates for 2018 make plain that racial minority populations especially hispanic asian.

Asian minority populations united states map

. The three metropolitan areas with the highest asian american populations are the greater los angeles area 1 868 million in 2007 the new york metropolitan area 1 782 million in 2007 and the san francisco bay area 1 577 790 in 2007. Population in 2010 to 6. View updated data for each state. There will be sources or references used to obtain this information so make certain to do the in text citations.

Latinos and asian americans are the driving forces behind this trend along with the fact that the white population is aging rapidly. By population the united states of america is the 3rd largest country in the world behind china 1 39 billion and india 1 31 billion. While less authoritative than the once a decade national headcount recently released u s. United states area and population density.

Using health information available from healthy people the cdc and other relevant government websites analyze the health status for this group. Minorities make up more than 60 percent of the golden state s population. As their population being the dominant minority the east asian vote would be the most sought after vote in the nation and unlike say the black vote east asia would most likely be a swing vote as you would most likely have earlier generations of east asian americans coming over here from situations such as the end of ww2 korean war that would be conservative and anti communist something of value to republicans. The largest state in the us by population is california which is estimated to be home to just over 39 5 million people.

Cities with african american majority populations. There are many cities in the us with no ethnic majority african americans. Middle eastern americans are counted as white on the census. A state by state look at growing minority populations minorities account for the majority of the population in only four states but that s set to soon change.

The united states census bureau is presently finalizing the ethnic classification of mena populations. The following are links to lists of united states cities with large ethnic minority populations. Select an ethnic minority group that is represented in the united states some examples are american indian alaskan native asian american black african american hispanic latino native hawaiian or pacific islander. Aapis have gone from representing 5 8 percent of the u s.

In 2012 prompted in part by post 9 11 discrimination the american arab anti discrimination committee petitioned the department of commerce s minority business development agency to designate the. Between 2010 and 2017 the aapi population grew from just under 18 million to more than 22 6 million an increase of 25 7 percent. New york city proper according to the united states 2010 census is home to more than one million. Population increased by only 5 3 percent.

The asian american population is greatly urbanized with nearly three quarters of them living in metropolitan areas with population greater than 2 5 million. In 2015 news agencies announced that hispanics officially outnumbered whites in the state with the former making up 14 99 million of the population and the latter making up 14 92 million of the population. Its most populous states are california with a population of 39 5 million and texas with a population of 28 7 million and its most populous city is new york city with a population of 8 4 million. Meanwhile hispanic americans grew by 16 0 percent over the same time period and the overall u s.

A third significant minority is the asian american population comprising 19 4 million in 2013 or 6 0 of the u s. Cities with large african american populations. There will be.

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