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The 23 languages make up the native tongue of 4 1 billion people. This is no less true of thailand.

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Many places and their languages adopt new words as a result of cultural encroachment be that due to a pervasive international influence cross border interaction or for many other reasons.

Asia map with languages

. Numerous additional families are spoken in indonesian new guinea but. Languages of halmahera east timor and the extinct tambora of sumbawa. The second sino tibetan includes the chinese and tibeto burman languages. Asia is characterized by mountains vast plains islands and jungles a feature that allowed communities to isolate and develop languages without external influence.

World map of languages maps and flags of all over the world. Chinese hindi english russian indonesian bengali and japanese. Several papuan families of the central and eastern malay archipelago. Twenty three of these languages are a mother tongue for more than 50 million people.

For languages concentrated around specific countries hindi is india s national language though it recognized a plethora of regional tongues and with roughly 400 million speakers it is also the second most popular language in asia. In asia the language spectrum is much wider and include indo european sino tibetan dravidian and altaic. However a majority of asians speak the common languages associated with the continent. Language isolates and independent language families in arunachal.

The map was created by alberto lucas lopez an infographic journalist for the south china morning post. There are at least 7 102 known languages alive in the world today. Navigation map and statistical summary of the language situation for asia. Although it was never a colony of western powers the thai language.

However approximately half of words in the thai language are borrowed from other languages. The languages of asia are richly diverse. Unclassified languages in southeast asia. Like most languages in southeast asia thai has its origin and development within the confines of thailand.

Digaro hrusish including the miji languages midzu puroik siangic and kho bwa. The following are the most spoken languages on the continent. Hmong mien miao yao scattered across southern china and southeast asia. The vast majority of the people of continental asia speak a language in one of three large language families.

Other populous national languages include indonesian 240 million speakers bengali 150 million speakers japanese 120 million speakers and filipino 90 million speakers though most other countries in asia also have their own national languages. List of countries languages inhabitants capitals in asia learning english. The first altaic consists of the turkic mongolian and manchu tungus tungusic subfamilies.

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