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His book targeting shia history and beliefs tauhfa ithna ashari is widely taught in sunni seminaries of modern south asia. Cultura judaica arte judaica bible scriptures bible quotes bible quotations forgiveness scriptures faith quotes religions du monde quotes fighting.

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Currently there are 1 6 billion.

Asia map sunni shia

. Iran pakistan india. However despite these differences today both sunni and shia agree on allah as the one true god and muhammad as his messenger. There was in addition a concerted move to discourage shia sunni marriages portray shias as sexually promiscuous describe them as heretics and depict them as traitors to the country. Aug 31 2018 muslim distribution world map glossy poster picture photo sunni shia islam 1572.

Sunni islam ˈ s uː n i ˈ s ʊ n i is the largest denomination of islam followed by 87 90 of the world s muslims characterized by a greater emphasis upon the prophet the sahabah in particular the rashidun and customs deduced thereof. Years of conflict has occurred between sunni and shia muslim groups. Most the negative muslim characters of south asian history are painted as shias. They also uphold the five pillars of islam and believe in the koran islam s holy book.

Like all genocidal narratives shias are presented as traitors and morally corrupt. The shia muslims live in over 50 different countries mainly in central and south asia africa and the middle east as well as in europe north america and australia. The global distribution of sunni and shia muslims. Colored according to vegetation.

As noted most shias between 68 and 80 live in four countries. Includes a clip path for the land area. Meanwhile nearly a quarter of the world s shias 75 million to 100 million live in the middle east north africa. Its name comes from the word sunnah referring to the behaviour of the islamic prophet muhammad.

Between 180 million and 200 million shias live in asia representing about three quarters of the world s shia population. This just became the most important map in geopolitics behind stark political divisions a more plex map of sunnis and deobandi islam vs barelvi islam in south asia the shia crescendo iran and shia militias newsela issue overview sunni shiite divide what s going on in the middle east iraq syria iran sunni vs shia sunni relations viable opposition islam shiite versus sunni the rise of the sunnis and the decline of iran iraq and hizbullah iran saudi arabia relations. Sunnis are a majority in most muslim communities. October 10 is still considered a day of mourning for shia muslims.

Shia make up the majority of the citizen population in iraq bahrain iran and azerbaijan as well as being a politically significant minority in pakistan lebanon syria yemen and kuwait. Perhaps the most noticeable of these conflicts was the killing of the imam husayn which occurred in 680 ce. Saved from ebay. The differences between sunni and shia muslims arose from a disagreement over the succession to muhammad and subsequently acquired broader.

In southeast asia china south asia africa and a part of the arab world. The middle east divide between sunni and shia explained in one map the execution of a shia cleric in saudi arabia has split the middle east along sectarian lines adam withnall adamwithnall. Illustration of topographic bathymetry thailand 10513822. Beauty4ashes a woman s.

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