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Topographically it is dominated by the indian plate and defined largely by the indian ocean on the south and the himalayas karakoram and pamir mountains on the north. Map of south asia it is southern region of the asian continent.

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Map of south asia click to see large.

Asia map south asia

. South asia is surrounded by indian ocean on the south and on land by west asia central asia east asia and southeast asia. Bangladesh sri lanka bhutan maldives nepal pakistan afghanistan and india are the south asian countries. India takes more than half of the south asia map with its huge size. The region consists of afghanistan bangladesh bhutan india maldives nepal pakistan and sri lanka.

Dhaka is the capital and an important city among the other capitals of south asian countries. Beautiful bangladesh is attracting people from all over the world to visit its natural beauty. This map shows governmental boundaries of countries in south asia. The south asian country of nepal was the birthplace of the initial buddha siddhartha gautama and the subsequent proliferation of buddhism influenced much of central east south and southeast asia.

Countries of south asia. The amu darya which rises north of the hindu kush forms part of the northwestern border on. Afghanistan sri lanka bangladesh bhutan pakistan nepal maldives and india. Regions in southeast asia.

Here we are going to focus on its geographical features. This is a green and peaceful nation with a huge amount of population. South asia also known as the indian subcontinent is a triangular landmass bordered by the himalayas in the north the indian ocean in the south and the ganges and indus river valleys in east and west. Parshvanatha the oldest historical leader of jainism was born in south asia as was guru nanak the founder of sikhism.

New york city map. The region is located between the indian ocean and the bay of bengal in the west the philippine sea the south china sea and the pacific ocean in the east. Mainland southeast asia also known as indochina comprises cambodia laos burma myanmar thailand vietnam and peninsular malaysia and maritime southeast asia which is analogous to the malay archipelago comprises brunei east malaysia east timor indonesia the philippines and singapore geographically hong kong macau and taiwan are sometimes grouped in the southeast asia subregion although politically they are rarely grouped as such. India is surrounded by pakistan to the north west and myanmar to the east.

While discussing about the area variations in every part is an amazing fact. Hinduism is the principal religion of this country in south asia map. Cox s bazar sundarban and so many like them are the main eye catching sights of bangladesh. South asia is formed by the current territories of afghanistan bangladesh bhutan maldives nepal india pakistan and sri lanka form south asia.

Taoism has origins in. Los angeles map. Pakistan is fully muslim oriented nation. Southeast asia consists of two geographic regions.

The first thing that will strike you about the map is that india is the largest country in the south asia. Go back to see more maps of asia. South asia or southern asia is the southern region of asia which is defined in both geographical and ethno cultural terms. Southeast asia is a vast subregion of asia roughly described as geographically situated east of the indian subcontinent south of china and northwest of australia.

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